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US Open

26 ago 8 sep, 2024 | New York, NY

US Open Seating Guide

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The US Open takes place in Flushing Meadows, New York at the Billie Jean National Tennis Center. Championship Tennis Tours offers incredible US Open tickets throughout the tournament on all major show courts, Arthur Ashe stadium, Louis Armstrong stadium, Grandstand stadium, as well as Grounds Passes. Having said that, we strongly suggest buying tickets on Arthur Ashe stadium if you're just looking for a cheap way to experience the tournament. For many sessions throughout the tournament for just a few bucks more than a Grounds Pass your reserved seat on Arthur Ashe will also get you onto every stadium and court throughout the venue on a first come first served basis, and more importantly offer you rain insurance from inclement weather as Arthur Ashe stadium has a beautiful roof to guarantee play no matter what the weather may be.There is now a total of 25 sessions. Beginning in 2021 the Men's Semifinals on Friday is split into two ticketed sessions, each requiring a separate ticket.

Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating Chart

US Open Ticket Options with Championship Tennis Tours:

Option 1: Arthur Ashe Stadium Tickets:
— Same benefits as “Grounds Admission” PLUS a reserved seat in Ashe Stadium (the largest “main stage” with 23,771 seats) for DAY session only
— Sessions will begin at Noon and feature two matches.
— You must exit Ashe stadium after the second match ends (around 5pm), but can still stay on grounds as late as you want.
— For the last three days of the tournament, there is no separate evening session on Ashe– so a Day session ticket gives you access to all matches scheduled for that day
Book reserved tickets on Arthur Ashe Stadium with Championship Tennis Tours . With a reserved ticket on Arthur Ashe stadium you can access all the outside courts, the Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand stadium , and practice courts on a first come first served basis. The roof provides a tremendous amount of shading for the bulk of the stadium during the day session. The areas that get the most shade are in the south and west sections, followed by the north side. 

- DAY SESSION RESERVED SEATS (for Arthur Ashe, New Armstrong, or Grandstand Stadium) :
Day Session reserved seat tickets give you the same benefits as Ground Admission plus a reserved seat in either Ashe, Armstrong, or Grandstand Stadium. You can leave and reenter your reserved seat as many times as you’d like. Day session ticket holders must enter the grounds before 6:00 p.m.

- EVENING Session
— Sessions will begin at 7pm and feature two matches (entry to stadium allowed around 6pm, soon after day session has ended)
— Sold on first 11 days of tournament – after which only Day session tickets are sold

If you have a day and evening ticket the same day, you will NOT need to exit the US Open grounds and re-enter again: once you’re “in” the grounds you’re in for as late as you want to stay. However, if you have both an Ashe Day and Evening session on the same day, you will need to exit and reenter the Ashe Stadium with other Evening ticket holders.

Arthur Ashe stadium is broken down into four main levels:

Promenade Level: These seats are in the upper level of the stadium and offer an affordable way of enjoying the action on the main center court. You're up there, but you can still enjoy the action without a problem.

Loge Level: These tickets are in the middle level of the stadium, offering a big step up from the Promenade level. We break the loge level into two sub-levels: Loge Rows A-F and Loge Rows G-N.

Luxury Suite Level: Just below the Loge level there are two levels of Luxury Suites. Loge level tickets offer a great value in terms of being close to the court while not having to spend the courtside level money.

Courtside Box Level: The Courtside Box level is the lowest level in the stadium, and are approximately the first 10 rows off the court. These seats are amazing obviously and give you an upclose perspective like you can only image. You'll see them sweat and maybe get a lucky autograph!

View from the Courtside Level:

View from the Loge Level:

View from the Promenade Level:

Where is the best place to sit on Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Let's start first by asking where is the best place to watch tennis. In contrast to many sporting events, like football , basketball and soccer, avid tennis fans prefer sitting behind the baseline or even in the corners as it's easier to follow the ball as it goes back and forth over the net. When you sit behind the server you don't need to be moving your head back and forth to follow the ball.  This is probably why the President's at the US Open and Royal Box at Wimbledon are both right behind the baseline! Many of our long time, repeat clients consider sections 60-67, sections 1-9, and sections 26-45the best sections in Arthur Ashe Stadium. Having said that, we have many folks who prefer to sit only in sections on the west side of the court between sections 44-58 to avoid the sun.

As you go higher in the stadium such as in the Loge Level, the seats behind the server are still really nice, but many consider the seats that are on the side of the court the best. The best seats in the promenade level are clearly the ones in the lowest rows, although the closer you can get to the center of the court (where the net is) the better. Promenade Sections 306-336 has Rows A-Z; Promenade Sections 301-305 and 337-340 has Rows A-M. We usually offer listings for each session in the first 4 rows of the Promenade level which many fans consider to be the best value in the stadium as you're just a few feet from those who paid much more in the top rows of the Loge level.

Looking to sit in the shade?
Here's a great "shade" map of Arthur Ashe Stadium courtesy P.J. Simmons.

Option 2: Grandstand Stadium Tickets:
For the first 8 day sessions of the tournament you can purchase a ticket for the Grandstand stadium. The Grandstand stadium is intimate, holding just 8,125 screaming tennis fans and is the site of many spectacular matches. The upper level portion of the stadium is first come first served seating with the lower level being reserved seating.. The Grandstand stadium is nestled in the southwest corner of the tournament site, sunken 10 feet below the ground to provide an intimate setting. In addition the asymmetrical design ensures that a majority of the seats are out of the direct sun. With a reserved ticket on the Grandstand stadium you can access all of the outside courts on a first come first served basis. You can not access the Arthur Ashe Stadium with a Grandstand Stadium ticket.

Grandstand Seating Chart

View of Grandstand Stadium:

Option 3: Louis Armstrong Stadium Tickets:

The Louis Armstrong Stadium is the second stadium to get a retractable roof and seats 14,061fans. The terra cotta-covered edifice will have 15 total sessions, including 6 evening sessions. A ticket for Louis Armstrong stadium provides you with an assigned seat in Louis Armstrong Stadium, along with first-come, first-served access to the Grandstand and all of the field courts. Louis Armstrong tickets are only sold for the first nine days of the tournament. The entire upper tier at Armstrong, more than half the seats, is open to all fans on a first-come, first-served basis. The lower level requires a reserved ticket. During the day sessions you’ll enjoy the most shade in the south and west sides. With a reserved ticket on Louis Armstrong Stadium you'll have access to all the outside courts and Grandstand Stadium. You won't have access to Arthur Ashe Stadium which requires its own ticket.

— You'll enjoy the same benefits as a “Grounds Pass” PLUS a reserved seat in the new Armstrong Stadium (the 2d largest stadium after Ashe, with 14,000 seats).
— Sessions will begin at 11am and feature three matches.
— You must exit the stadium after the third match ends (around 6pm), but can still stay on grounds as late as you want.
— Reserved seats are the only way to access the best courtside seats
— Sold only for the first 9 days of the tournament 

Louis Armstrong Stadium EVENING Session
— Sessions will begin at 7 pm and feature two matches.
— Sold only for the first 6 days of the tournament

Louis Armstrong Seating Chart :

Option 4: Grounds Pass Tickets:
US Open Grounds Passes are available for the first 8 days sessions and certainly the least expensive way to check out the US Open. With so many great matches going on during the first week, a grounds pass can be an amazing value and way to go to the US Open if you don't mind not going onto Arthur Ashe Stadium.. With a Grounds pass you have access to all the courts except Arthur Ashe stadium on a first come first served basis.
We strongly recommend spending a few more bucks and buying a cheap Promenade ticket on Arthur Ashe instead of going for a Grounds Admission as it gives you a reserved seat on Arthur Ash where you're sure to see featured matches with the very important benefit of knowing that in the event of bad weather you'll still be able to see tennis as there is a roof on Arthur Ashe.

Dining Options:

Aces, Champions Grill and US Open Club

Aces and the Champions Bar and Grill are located on the Club level in Arthur Ashe Stadium between Gates 3 and 4, and are available to Courtside Box seat holders and Luxury Suite guests. You can access both restaurants by using our elevators on the east side of Arthur Ashe Stadium adjacent to the US Open Club. Reservations are recommended for Aces and Champions Bar & Grill. Restaurant Reservations Line: 718-393-1933. The US Open Club is located on the ground floor of the Arthur Ashe Stadium and is accessible for anyone with a Club pass which we sell separately for about $15-$25 per session. Below is a description of each dinining option at the US Open Tennis Tournament.

Aces Restaurant

Vaulted ceilings, vibrant colors and a casual but elegant wine and sushi bar combine with superlative seafood offerings, making Aces the ultimate dining experience.

Champions Bar & Grill

The Champions Bar and Grill is located in a contemporary setting with classic leather and wood accents, Champions Bar & Grill is a modern take on the traditional clubhouse atmosphere. The Grill offers premium steaks, fresh seafood, salads and a wide variety of wines

The US Open Club

The US Open Club is another option for getting a nice meal at the US Open. Located on the ground floor of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, access to the Club requires a special pass which is often included for Loge Level Subscription Series ticket holders

Mass Transit

Use mass transit to make your trip to the US Open convenient and cost-effective.

Subway: The 7 train provides service from Grand Central Terminal to Mets-Willets Point Station, including connections for all Metro-North Trains from Westchester and Connecticut. Service is also available from the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Long Island Rail Road: LIRR provides easy service to Mets-Willets Point Station from Woodside, and convenient connections from Penn Station for New Jersey Transit customers. For guests with disabilities, get off the LIRR train at 61st Street-Woodside Station and transfer to the 7 train. Take the 7 train to Mets-Willets Point Station.

The MTA website,, provides complete schedules and information about the most convenient ways to get to the US Open.